Camera HDI

CameraHD 610

Camera HDi is Ocean Robotics main ROV zoom camera with internal HD recording, for all inspection purposes that don’t require real-time HD monitoring but high quality digital video data handling.

The HDi camera delivers PAL/NTSC video in real-time and allows the full-HD content to be recorded locally in the camera. This means that the camera can deliver full 1080p video to the operator without the need for fiber-optics or high capacity data transfers through the tether. An integrated still picture function is also available, everything controlled by the operator in real-time and the content easily downloaded to external devices when resurfaced. The camera is also equipped with a sophisticated mechanical picture stabilizing system, which can be disabled and locked by the user.
User settable addressing enables up to 4 cameras in the ORI range to be deployed on the same serial link system (CAN/RS485) without any software changes.

Technical Specification
Picture sensor: 1/3” CMOS
Light sensitivity: 1lux - 12lux at full HD 30p
Zoom: 10x optical, 40x digital
Focus: Auto/Manual
Focusing distance: 10mm to infinity
Camera control: CAN/RS232/485/Analog
Video: Composite remote, up to 1080p local
Power: 12-36VDC, 10W
Dimensions: Ø105mm, L 190mm
Weight: 1400g in air, 0g in water
Depth rating: 500m (3000m option available)



Underwater Technology Engineered for Reliability

  • Materials that resist pressure, rough treatment and corrosion
  • Highly specified components
  • Great care in the design and manufacture of all details
  • Physically and electrically isolated system components
  • Distributed control system with advanced built-in diagnostics
  • Pressure compensated brushless DC thrusters for deep dives
  • Advanced double seals
  • Shock resistant protective frame